Friday, October 17, 2014


Chasing squirrels is something that I absolutely LOVE to do!  I am definitely an idea person. As such, I am constantly infiltrated with slightly crazy ideas that pop into my mind at the least opportune moments, oftentimes taking my attention away from the present conversation or task at hand. I can admit that this reality is less than ideal, however, I find myself unable to change this reality so I try to just roll with it!  In fact, I am so easily distracted that sometimes I feel like I am Dori in Finding Nemo!  I just have to recite, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming swimming" to get through my most challenging squirrel moments!
Selfie...Vern Style

And this practice of reciting that fun verse is somewhat helpful, but I do chase on!  There is truly no crazy/ambitious/quirky/wild/ridiculous/outrageous idea that is too far out there for me...


As far as cooking endeavors go this week, I have cooked up all kinds of yummy stuff!  Once I got back in the saddle, I just felt like cooking (and writing) a lot so the family is happy to have had real food every single night this week!  

However, I recently experienced a situation when chasing squirrels was not quite so fun; that instance was when it was a literal interpretation of the "chasing squirrels" phrase and I found myself at the wrong end of a leash being dragged by an energetic dog with a hell of a lot more strength and ambition than I had at the particular moment... chasing a fuc*ing squirrel. Like a furry rodent, not an crazy idea.  In that instance, I don't really like squirrel chasing at all. So the take home lesson from this experience was: don't volunteer to walk my friend's dog unless I want to experience breathtaking, back breaking, rodent style, squirrel chasing.

PS The silver lining to this one was that I ran my fastest (so far) 5K time 24:02.  Next time I chase squirrels I hope to break into the 23 minute time frame!

Vern Out

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