Monday, November 25, 2013

Day two

So we are roughly 48 hours into this little challenge and I must say it is going pretty well. Better than expected even.  So far no one has complained and I have managed to use up quite a few things.  In addition to the old mashed potatoes, I also used up a ramen noodle spice packet that I had saved some time ago. I turned it into chicken broth and the broth into soup.  I highly recommend this process as the soup was incredible and I don't think it was a coincidence I think the spice packet definitely helped.  I threw all vegetables from our crisper into a pan and cooked it up!  Delish!  Our fridge has been cleaned and the soup was the result of that cleaning project.  It is cleaner than it was the day we bought it.

The only drawback I have noticed so far is that I am not sure how healthy this little experiment is.  I am committed to shopping deliberately and in a healthy way once the cupboards and freezer are bare.  We ate the mashed potatoes mush the first night, yesterday we had an entire day of leftovers.  The crock pot is full of venison marinating in fajita sauce today.  I decided that the first step is to start using meats out of our chest freezer so I have a whole, free range, chicken from my brother's farm thawing for tomorrow night!  Bon Appetit!

Vern out

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