Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Had to lighten things up a bit after yesterday's post!  So here you go a light and fun read to start your Wacky Wednesday!

When we were kids, I made my younger brother and sister Licenses to Be Like Vern-They were so Freakin Cool--fashioned after the Pepsi License to Chill Cards: historical information for those youngsters out there...License to Chills went viral before viral meant anything other than some type of unfortunate infection. They were pretty popular back in the day and basically were given to Pepsi drinkers as some ploy to build brand loyalty.  I have no idea how successful the campaign was and to be completely honest, I always preferred Coke. However, back in the olden days these Licenses to Chill were pretty COOL.
 Sample License To Chill

Well I made these super cool "License to be Like Vern (LTBLV)" cards and gave them to my brother and sister circa 1991-ish.  You know because I was cool and quite simply they wanted to be cool too. Just. Like. Me.  Well while sorting boxes of old stuff my little sister recently found her LTBLV card and she said it made her smile a lot!

Flash forward to the present day and I find my children will go to great lengths to cause one another pain and suffering and generally to irritate one another. Yet like me, Kara is so cool in the eyes of her little brother and sister.  They want to be just like her.  I hope someday she is mass producing "Licenses to be like Kara" cards because she is a pretty awesome big sister, she really is and I honestly I am sick of the fighting already.

On an unrelated, but important topic, bargain shopping usually is my thing.  I love to get a good deal and oftentimes find myself buying stuff merely because it is such a great bargain not because I actually need it.  However, recently I learned an extremely valuable lesson regarding bargain shopping so I must share.  Do not go off brand on feminine hygiene products. Don't. do. it.  I recently made such a blunder and I have been paying for it since because I refuse to throw them out and I am experiencing my second period this month. Here are the problems with off brand pads:
  • they leak out the sides
  • they move around
  • they do not absorb 
  • because they move they cause irritation
  • they are a horrible, horrible product and should be banned 
So with most things like crackers, cereal, yogurt and sour cream the off brand is every bit as good as the name brand only cheaper.  Buying these generic products totally makes sense.  Just do it!  With Aunt Flo products this is not so.  Do not skimp on these items or you will pay the terrible, painful, awful price.

Vern out  

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