Thursday, October 15, 2015

ON a completely unrelated note

On a completely unrelated note because let's face it that is how I roll, IF I ever write my book, which I swear someday I actually will, these are a handful of the chapters I have planned!  It is like my own little book preview!


  • What happened to my yellow vacation request slips?
  • A bacon lover stuck in a sausage lover family?
  • My knight in a shiny egg shaped car
  • Die TV (and other stupid electronic gadgets) DIE
  • Split personalities and other psychotic episodes!
  • Freedom tastes a lot like guacamole
  • Portajohns, toilets and everywhere in between!
  • Life lessons: how to survive motherhood!
  • This is not kid friendly, but it will make you laugh
  • The Appliance Alliance and other heroic stories of household victory 
  • Snowstaches, mud boots and nature all rock
  • A guide to basic woman logic: a gift to husbands around the globe

So Whatcha think?!?  And more importantly, who will buy a signed copy and stop by to visit me when I am out doing my tour across America!?

PS my book will probably have a similar dedication to this guy's masterpiece 

you know only with my family's names inserted in place of his because otherwise it would be weird. And it is going to be more like six years earlier for me assuming I get off my ass and write this book in the next two years!

Vern Out

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  1. Please please write the guide to women's logic!! I will assist!!