Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Good Laughternoon!

A few days late (for my self imposed Mother's Day Deadline), but in  my defense, I was busy cleaning up all the messes from our fabulous Mother's Day Festivities!  
They say a picture tells a thousand words!
 That may be true, but my added commentary is kinda funny (at least to me) so I will go ahead and fill in a few details from the special day.  Yes officer that is a Bacon, Asparagus, mushroom and swiss cheese omelet that my husband himself created for me. And, No, I do not have a permit for this thing so go ahead and arrest me!
 Honestly it would not be a party without a helium balloon!  Well played kids!!  Well played.
 Yes, these are rotten Easter eggs that I discovered in our fridge, on Mother's Day.  Happy Mother's Day to ME!!  I am one lucky gal!  Much like the jelly of the month club, "that there is the gift that just keeps giving!" ~Cousin Eddy Christmas Vacation

That is all,

OOPS I forgot one important detail: I spared you a photo of the vomit my son spewed all over his room (on Mother's Day).  Had I taken a picture of that, I would've added like 10,000 additional words based on the sheer volume and surface area covered by the vomit.  Oh and it would've been super gross because he had eaten his weight in blackberries, burritos and chips. And blackberry, burrito and chip vomit is the absolute worst.  

PS The rotten eggs actually made me laugh a lot because they made me think of the rotten egg scene in Charlotte's Web which is very, very, very funny to me. 

PPS Another funny (yet unrelated) thing happened last night.  My husband was looking for a head lamp in order to search for our lost rabbit (long unrelated story) and I knew exactly where mine was.  As I handed it to him, I quickly pointed out that I was so glad to be so unbelievably organized which made both my husband and I erupt into hysterical laughter for the next half hour.  Laughter is medicine people and I for one felt a lot better about life after that little episode and while he would never admit it I bet Jeff did too!

Vern Out

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